This is a tribute podcast. We talk about Sinead O’Conner and Randy Meisner, the Eagles.

This is the video.

It is kind of funny. I have seen this video tons of times. I never remember the opening. I just remember her face and her wonderful vocals. Sinead had a GREAT voice. She spoke out for the people of Ireland. She spoke out for women. She spoke out against the Catholic church. Larry calls Sinead soulful. He is 100% correct. I truly admire anyone who stands up for what they believe in.

The Eagles will take down this video if we embed into the podcast. So here is Randy Meisner of the Eagles. Randy was the bass player for the Eagles until 1978. He played the right notes. He did play for Poco before the Eagles. Listen to Randy’s voice on Take It to the Limit. He has a great voice. It is different from Don Henley or Glenn Fry (they did most of the lead vocals for the Eagles).

The Eagles were a true force in the 1970s. They were one of the biggest of the big super groups. They had hit after hit. To me the Eagles are about harmony and guitars. (and as Larry says – Hits!!! They could write great song and they had several folks giving them great songs.) Certain Kind of Fool was not a hit for the Eagles but you can hear Randy’s wonderful voice.

I will add more on Carol Kaye. Now that I listen to more music and watch music on Instagram. A bass guy on Instagram was talking about Good Vibrations, the Beach Boys tune, and the GREAT bassist Carol Kaye. Guys listen to the bass line. There are actually 2 bass lines. I never appreciated that. Carol is still with us and I thought it would be nice if we commented on her. BTW, she is the bassist on the great tune, These Boots Are Made for Walkin’!