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Old School Guys (Larry Fulcher and Errington Thompson) have an opportunity to sit down and chat with the Super Group War. Harold Brown (drums) and Lee Oskar (harmonica) join us. (We almost had Howard Scott [lead guitar].) We start with their first hit Spill the Wine. We discuss their second hit, All Day Music. How did they make their unique harmonies? This song transports you to that drive along the beach in a convertible with the top down. We transition to the World is a Ghetto and end with the strong groove of the Cisco Kid. (You will need Spotify to listen to the music links.)

We are grateful for the opportunity to chat with Lee Oskar and Harold Brown. Hopefully, we can talk to Howard Scott soon.

We wanted to briefly mention the problems/issues that the original members of the group War have. They aren’t able to perform under their name – War. There is some legal battle that is being fought in court. Currently, Harold Brown, Lee Oskar and Howard Scott have to perform under the name – The Low Riders. Hopefully, justice will prevail and the men that we know as the Super Group, War, will get their name back. We hope.

Old School Guys Talking Old School Music Podcast

Larry Fulcher, Grammy Award-winning bassist, and Errington Thompson, physician and music lover, are on a mission to highlight, underscore, and lift up great Old School Music.


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