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Errington Thompson

Physician – Old School Guy – Podcaster

Errington Thompson is a husband, father, grandfather, trauma surgeon, and long-time music lover. Errington had a radio show for 5 years in Asheville, NC. Working with Larry, he is hoping to lift-up, highlight and underscore some of the GREAT music of the past.

Larry Fulcher

Musician РOld School Guy РPodcaster

Larry Fulcher is a husband, father and newly-minted grandfather. He has been playing the bass for over 50 years. Currently, he is playing with Taj Mahal, Ruthie Foster, and the Phantom Blues Band. Larry has won 2 Grammy’s and a WC Hardy Award. He has played with a variety of artists from Smokey Robinson to Joe Sample. Larry eats, sleeps, walks, and talks music 24/7/365.

Elton Bowen

Physician - Old School Guy - Researcher

Elton Bowen is a father and lover of Old School Music. Elton as played the piano on and off for over 40 years. He has deep love of music and his analytical mind makes him the ideal person to comb the internet and find hidden details. It is these details that make our show possible.

Randall Richardson

Business Administrator - Old School Guy

Randall Richardson is a father, husband and lover of Old School Music. He is the voice of reason that keeps us all on track. (He is also an avid runner! Pun intended.)